Profile of Business

Gavin and Linda Jones have owned and operated the Jones Quarry Ltd business since 2004. This family-owned and operated business has seen mother and father, and now sons, working alongside each other as they strive to raise the awareness of quality and responsible quarrying within Taranaki and New Zealand.

Son and quarry manager Sam Jones joined the business in 2007 and has helped take it from a small quarry to one of Taranaki’s largest quarry operators in the region. With his brother Benjiman Jones coming on board as second in charge, this has solidified the business as it continues to grow, diversify and aim to maintain sustainability for the future.

Jones Quarry Ltd is an entrepreneurial and forward-thinking company that has grown quickly due to its innovative approach in making sure they have the right people and machinery for the task at hand. As the leaders in quarrying in Taranaki, they are preferred suppliers for nationwide contractors and will continue to offer quality service and products to both the commercial and residential markets.

A Family Owned Business


Quarry Manager

Gavin and Linda’s eldest son, Sam joined the team after completing university in 2007. Since then, Sam has taken the reins and driven the growth of Jones Quarry. Thinking outside the square and bringing innovative ideas to the business, the business has flourished. Now with two quarries on the go, Jones Quarry is the market leader in the Taranaki Region. Don’t delay, give Sam a call today.


2nd In Charge

Mr Fix It, mechanical engineer by trade Benji joined the family business. With a wealth of experience from his trade background and a career in the oil and gas industry Benji brings a new dimension and fresh ideas that has helped with the continued growth of the business.



Dairy farmer by day, Quarry director by night, Gavin does it all. He started Jones Quarry in 2004 on a small scale and from there he has been actively involved and watched Jones Quarry go from strength to strength.

Gavin remains extensively involved in the operation and its negotiations as the business continues to grow.



Linda has been there from the start, keeping the ship steady. From behind the scenes she keeps things ticking along, ensuring the smooth running by keeping the accounts in order.