Aggregate base course or base course, is a blend of gravel often referred to as sub-based material, which is used as a bottom layer under the construction of a road, driveway and/or building site. Base course is the foundation of all construction so it is important you do it once and do it right.

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Spec Aggregate

Use: Roading, site works (farm).
Grade: GAP100, GAP65, GAP40M4, GAP20
Quantity: Available by the metre
Delivery Available: Yes

Consistently tested to spec by Opus Consultants

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  • IMG_0384_basecourse_spec_2_1_1
  • IMG_0382_basecourse_spec_3

Non-specification Aggregate

Use: Roading, pavements, driveways, raceways (farm)
Grade: GAP150, GAP100, GAP65, GAP40, GAP20
Recycled Options: GAP100, GAP40 – recycled concrete and recycled asphalt
Other: Washed/unwashed sand, pit metal, builders mix, gabion
Quantity: Available by the metre
Delivery Available: Yes

For all general purpose needs – mixed to suit

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