The soil in your garden is paramagnetic. It isn’t magnetic, but mildly attracted by a magnet and partially aligns with the earth’s magnetic field, making it paramagnetic.

Some soils are attracted more than others, and the more paramagnetic your soil is the better.

Increased paramagnetism brings better water retention in the soil, increase earthworm and microbial action, better nutrient utilization in plants, improved seed germination, resistance to predators and greater resistance to environmental stresses.

If you want to take advantage of paramagnetic soil, the action to undertake is the addition of paramagnetic rockdust to your soil.

And this is where Jones Quarry Ltd comes in! Jones Quarry paramagnetic rockdust has the highest paramagnetic energy tested in New Zealand (to date). We have a range of pack sizes available from 20kg bags available at landscape yard, bulk bags to bulk delivery nationwide.

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